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Professor Manuel Hernández
Essays Collection

Address: : 2012 Ernest St. Kissimmee, Florida 34741

Manuel Hernandez was born in Sleepy Hollow, New York in 1963. He completed undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus and finished a Master�s in Education from Herbert H. Lehman College (CUNY) in the Bronx in 1994. He has coordinated symposiums, produced and coordinated television interviews on the literature written by Puerto Rican and Latino/a writers from the Diaspora. He has done numerous presentations, workshops and seminars on how to integrate latino/a literature in the English classroom. In 2014, he participated in a TedxTalk (Connections) at Southern New Hampshire University. He is the author of three books, , Latino/a Literature in the English Classroom (Editorial Plaza Mayor, 2003), The Birth of a Rican (Imprenta Sifre. 2008) and Living the Kingdom with purpose (Imprenta Sifre, 2013). He is a Language Arts teacher at Osceola School District in Florida.

1-La Diáspora Puertorriqueña Haciendo Historia (Feb 2002) spanish version
2-Todos Somos Puertorriqueños (March 2002)
3-"Aquí se habla español, estás en Puerto Rico?" (April 2002)
4-Alien Ricans (May 2002)
5-Divided Identities (June 2002)
6- The National Puerto Rican Day Parade And The Redefining of a National Identity (July 2002)
7-"Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters": The Nuyoricans (Aug 2002)
8- "A Mirror of Many Faces: The Literature of the Puerto Rican Experience in the USA" (Sep 2002)
9-A Typical American Boy (Nov 2002)
10- Education,The Key to Salvation of Latinos
11-The Puerto Rican Diaspora: History in the Making( The english version)
12-La Literatura Puertorriqueña de los Estados Unidos: Un Espejo De Muchas Caras
13-Voices in the Wind (March 2003)
14-(Essays May 2003) "El Carácter de Jesus",By Manuel Hernandez
15-The New Immigrants: Latinos in New York City (June 2003)
16-El Legado del Maestro (August 2003)
17-Voices in the Wind (Oct 2003)
18- Aquí se habla inglés, you're in the United States (Nov 2003)
19- Dream and Win The World (Nov 2003)
20- Knowledge and Education: Keys to Latino Salvation (Nov 2003)
21- Latino/a Literature Closes The Gap (Dec 2003)
22- Latino Language (Dec 2003)
23- A Typical Californio Boy (Chapter 2) (Jan 2004)
24- A Typical Californio Boy (Chapter 3) (Jan 2004)
25- A Typical Californio Boy (Chapter 4) (Jan 2004)
26- A Typical Californio Boy (Chapter 5) (Jan 2004)
27- A Gateway to Latino Education: Vouchers (Feb 2004)
28- A Typical Californio Boy (Chapter 6) (Feb 2004)
29- A Typical Californio Boy (Chapter 1) (Feb 2004)
30- A Typical Californio Boy (Chapter 7) (Feb 2004)
31- Latinos and Educational Reform in the United States (Part I)(March 2004)
32- Latinos and Educational Reform in the United States (Part II)(March 2004)
33- Latinos and Educational Reform in the United States (Part III)(March 2004)
34- The Passion of Jesus (April 2004)
35- Latinos and Educational Reform in the United States (Part 4) (April 2004)
36- The Bridge To The Classics: Latino/a Literature in The English Classroom(May 2004)
37- Who speaks and Who speaks not?(May 2004)
38- An Educational Assessment of Latinos:A Constructive View(May 2004)
39- A Latino/a Teen In Dire Need of an Education: One in a Million(June 2004)
40- Teaching English as a Second Language in The Bronx: A Discovery(June 2004)
41- Latinos and Education in America (Part 1 of a three part series)(June 2004)
42- Latino/a Literature: A Resource For Standardized Testing (July 2004)
43- Taking Latino Generations to a Supernatural Dimension (Aug 2004)
44- A Vision in Education (Aug 2004)
45- The Latino Agenda in the Upcoming Elections: Education (Aug 2004)
46- The Key That Unlocks The Door: Education (Sept 2004)
47- The Latino Nation: An Educational Vision (Oct 2004)
48- The Revolving Door Chapter 2: Growing up in Two Worlds (Oct 2004)
49- The Revolving Door Chapter 3: The Umbrella Factory (Nov 2004)
50- The Road To Freedom (Nov 2004)
51- Education: A Three Part Series Report (Part One) The following report was written, revised and submitted by: Manuel Hernández, Erika Robles and Burt Posner to the National Hispanic/ Latino American and Migrant Agenda(Dec 2004)
52- Education: A Three Part Series Report (Part Two) The following report was written, revised and submitted by: Manuel Hernández, Erika Robles and Burt Posner to the National Hispanic/ Latino American and Migrant Agenda(Jan 2005)
53- Latinos and The Power of Education (Feb 2005)
54- Latino High School Education: A Nations Priority (March 2005)
55- Changing Literary Lanes in America (April2005)
56-The Latino/a Experience in the United States: The Literary Truth of the 21st Century (May 2005)
57-Latino Education: The Weakest Link (June 2005)
58-Creating Tomorrows: Latino Education (Aug 2005)
59-Latino Education: The Determining Factor in America's Future (Aug 2005)
60-Latino Education and The New SAT (Aug 2005)
61-Beyond Sheer Trends: Latino Education (SEP 2005)
62-To Be or not To Be Puerto Rican (Oct 2005)
64-Marc Anthony y Chayanne: Mas Que Una Simple Amistad (Oct 2005)
65-Latino Education: Neglect and Overlook (Nov 2005)
66-Latino Education: Content Changes (Nov 2005)
67-The Literature of the Latino/a Experience and its Relevance in the English Classroom (Jan 2006)
68-The Birth of a Puerto Rican (March 2006)
69-The Value Question in the Education of Latinos (March 2006)
70-Puerto Rico Necesita Un Cambio De Actitud (May 2006)
71-Puerto Rico Necesita Un Cambio De Actitud Part 2 (May 2006)
72-Latino Education: A Personal Response (June 2006)
73-What’s Your Name? (Sept 2006)
74-Latino Education: Adolescent Literacy (Oct 2006)
75-Latino Education: Improving Literacy (Oct 2006)
76-The Teaching of English and Latinos in America: Where do we go from here? (Nov 2006)
77-The Teaching of English and Latinos in America: Where do we go from here? (Dec 2006)
78-Sobrepasa el Carácter de Jesus en La Navidad (Dec 2006)
79-Latino Education: Parent Involvement (Feb 2007)
80-Parental Involvement Key to Latino/American Education (Part 2) (March 2007)
81-Latino Education: An American Journey (April 2007)
82-God's DNA in All of Us (May 2007)
83-Latino Education: Beyond The Millenium (June 2007)
84-Our Time vs. His Time (July 2007)
85-To Be or not To Be Puerto Rican: Marc Anthony and Jennifer López (July 2007)
86-Latino Education and America: The Road Ahead (Sept 2007)
87-The Latino Agenda in the 2008 Elections: Education (Oct 2007)
88-What is a Puerto Rican? (Nov 2007)
89-I am Legend: A Movie With Purpose (Jan 2008)
90-Living the Kingdom 1 (March 2008)
91-Living the Kingdom 2 (March 2008)
92-Living the Kingdom 3 (March 2008)
93-Living the Kingdom 4 (April 2008)
94-Living the Kingdom 5 (April 2008)
95-Living the Kingdom 6 (April 2008)
96-Living the Kingdom 7 (May 2008)
97-Living the Kingdom 8 (May 2008)
98-Living the Kingdom 9 (June 2008)
99-La Importancia de las Vestiduras (June 2008)
100-Living the Kingdom (10) (July 2008)
101-Living the Kingdom (11) (Aug 2008)
102-Latinos and Educational Reform in the United States (Sept 2008)
103-Living the Kingdom (12)(Oct 2008)
104-What Not To Fear Or What To Fear?(Nov 2008)
105-Education: An American Journey (Dec 2008)
106-What Dreams May Come (Jan 2009)
107-Friendship (Food for thought) 2 (March 2009)
108-Latino Education: Progress? (April 2009)
109-Latino Education:Developing Culturally Competent Teachers (May 2009)
110-Sonia Sotomayor: A True Pioneer of History (May 2009)
111-Latino Education: Reform in its Basic Form (June 2009)
112-To Be or Not To Be Supreme Court Judge:Sonia Sotomayor (July 2009)
113-Puerto Ricans in the United States: A Crucial Force in America (Sep 2009)
114-Latino Education: Adequate Funding? (April 2010)
115-Latino Education: Literacy Intervention (May 2010)
116-A News Chapter in the Story of Literature (July 2010)
117-Latino Education and Birthright Citizenship (Aug 2010)
118- This is the Time! Make a Difference(Dec 2010)
119- Focusing on the Needs of Latino Students (March 2011)
120- Focusing on the Academic Needs of Latino Students (June 2011)
121- The President’s Visit to Puerto Rico: Purpose and History (June 2011)
122- Puerto Rican Heroes (July 2011)
123- Focusing on the needs of Latino students (Aug 2011)
124- Focusing on the Needs of Latino Students (Parental Support) (Sep 2011)
125- The Legacy of Piri Thomas (Oct 2011)
126- Focusing on the Needs of Latino Students (Content Standards) (Nov 2011)
127- Focusing on the Needs of Latino Students (Content Standards) (Dec 2011)
128- Latino Vote 2012: Immigration vs. Education (Feb 2012)
129- Latino Vote 2012: Immigration vs. Education (2) (March 2012)
130- Integrating Culturally Relevant Literature: A Validated Strategy in the Teaching of English (April 2012)
131- Puerto Ricans in the United States: More than Just a Presidential Vote (October 2012)
132- The Teaching of English in Puerto Rico: A Vision (December 2012)
133- A Vision for the Education of Latinos in America: Rationale, Experience, Research and Vision (July 2013)
135-The Passing Away of an Extraordinary Poet: Tato Laviera
136-Latinos are Entitled to a Better and Improved Quality Education (2014)
T 137-American Education and the Common Core State Standards (October 2014)
138-History Repeats Itself: Literature in Dire Need of a New Chapter (June 2015)
139-The Educational System in the United States: Is it equipped to educate minorities? (November 2015)
140-Why the Focus Needs to Be Education? (December 2015)

141-What is the Core Issue for Hispanics? Immigration? Education? (January 2016)

142-The Latino Vote: A Historical Opportunity (Aug 2016)
143-Hurricane Maria:The Education Aftermat (Jan 2018)
144-Latino College and Career Writing Mentorship (Dec 2019)